Make a set of Shaker oval boxes.

The oval storage boxes are probably the most instantly recognised of Shaker designs. They demand very little previous experience and can provide a wonderful introduction to woodworking. 

Made of American cherry the bands are boiled, folded into shape and fixed with copper tacks. On average a set of four boxes can be made over two days.





Make a Shaker dining chair

This can be an ideal introduction to chair making. It involves using the rounder planes, or if you wish, spindle turning on the lathe. 

The components will be drilled, assembled and finished with a woven seat using shaker style webbing tape.




                    Make a Welsh stick-backed arm chair.

The design as illustrated is relatively easy to make, introducing elements of wood turning, the use of the rounder engine, steam bending and seat carving. More complex variations are available on request.



                                      Make a Shaker rocking chair.

This is probably the most well known of Shaker furniture designs. As of all their designs the elements are simple, but elegant, creating a delightful piece of furniture.

Again I wish to stress that these suggestions are not constrained - if you have a special wish then I will do my best to oblige.


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