he first building on the site was my workshop. Well, you do have to get your priorities right ! This was used initially to make various bits for the house. During the last few years it was used as a production workshop and had become a little 'tired'. Recently, partly to conform with the dreaded HSE, it has been re-equipped with several new machines. This has resulted in a full complement of both hand and machine tools to cater for all skill levels in our woodworking courses.

f you prefer the qualities of working entirely by hand to learn woodworking skills, we have the means.  There is a certain satisfaction in the qualities of handwork. Further to my experience with the Green Wood Trust I have also acquired the tools needed for working in green timber, so you will be able to enjoy the discipline of working with a shave horse and a draw knife. We are able to supply all the hand tools you require, but most people have some tools of their own which they are welcome to bring along. If you want help with the black art of  sharpening tools then help is at hand.
ut we do not shy away from the use of machine tools. There is a full complement of machine tools - circular saw, planer-thicknesser, mortiser, lathe, band-saw and the normal powered hand tools. There is also a rounder engine and a set of rounding planes. From the pictures (course material) you will see that it can produce the components for the English ladder back and the Shaker chairs with remarkable ease and precision. Steam bending gear is also available if you wish to produce curved components.

n April 2009 the workshop was extended - click on the rightmost image to see how it looks. Further details are given here  

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